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Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles

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Ships November 25 ANY PART of your order that contains these candles will ALL ship on November 25. If you need any other candles sooner please place two orders. 

1. **Frankincense and Myrrh:** Experience the timeless allure of the East with our Frankincense and Myrrh candle. The harmonious blend of rich frankincense and earthy myrrh creates an enchanting aroma that transports you to ancient traditions and adds a touch of mystique to your holiday season.

2. **Christmas Hearth:** Light this candle and instantly be transported to a cozy holiday gathering by the fireside. The Christmas Hearth scent captures the comforting fragrance of crackling wood, warm spices, and a hint of sweet vanilla, making your home feel like the heart of the holidays.

3. **Home for Christmas:** Embrace the heartwarming essence of 'Home for Christmas' with this candle. This scent combines notes of freshly baked gingerbread cookies, cinnamon, and a hint of pine, evoking memories of festive gatherings and the joy of reuniting with loved ones.

4. **Spiked Eggnog:** Indulge in the spirited celebration of the season with our Spiked Eggnog candle. It's like sipping on a creamy, nutmeg-infused eggnog cocktail by the twinkling lights of the tree. A festive blend of creamy vanilla, spiced rum, and a touch of nutmeg will have you feeling merry and bright.

5. **Eucalyptus Forest:** For those who appreciate a fresh and invigorating holiday ambiance, our Eucalyptus Forest candle is the perfect choice. Immerse yourself in the crisp, revitalizing scent of eucalyptus leaves and pine needles, reminiscent of a brisk winter walk through a tranquil forest.

6. **Mulberry:** Enjoy the sweet and fruity allure of our Mulberry candle. This delightful scent captures the essence of ripe mulberries, creating a luscious, berry-filled atmosphere that's sure to infuse your home with the spirit of the season.

7. **Woodland Foliage** Citrus accents lead to the nature inspired heart of this fragrance. Crisp pine needles, rich fir balsam, sweet berries, warm spices and patchouli are surrounded by vanilla musk for an outdoors sensation.

Each of these soy wax Christmas candles is carefully crafted to evoke the essence of the holidays, offering a unique and enchanting experience for your festive celebrations. 🕯️🎄✨

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